“Just you wait…” The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 10 years of marriage

“Just you wait!” If you say those words, what tone do you take? Are they joyful and full of anticipation? “Wow! Oh man, just you wait! It’s gonna be fantastic!” Is it more doom-and-gloom? “Oh sure… it’s good now. But just you wait! It’s gonna get a lot worse.” Or perhaps from your childhood: “Meredith Kendra Amadis Goertz! […]

Minimalism vs. Simplicity? Part 2: Simplicity is based on trust

Yesterday I wrote about the problem with minimalism – and why I move towards simplicity. Today I want to explain a little more. What is simplicity? And what is not? Richard Foster has been a great resource in learning about this, among others. Some of the content is borrowed from this book. Other parts I have added […]

Minimalism vs. Simplicity? Part 1 – Minimalism, risk and trust

Today I’m starting a new series. It’s about the concept of simplicity instead of minimalism. I like the idea of minimalism – but it has some problems. In recent years, North American culture has changed. Instead of owning things, the market is shifting. Consumers want experiences. Instead of two cars and a picket fence, many of […]