Ben’s Room: Happy Little Sharks

Right now, my husband and I are watching Jaws.

And that wasn’t planned in advance…. We just happen to be viewing that movie.

Jarod loves sharks and Shark Week. So some sharks had to find their way into Ben’s nursery.

A few stuffed sharks arrived. Some tiny shark shirts and onesies appeared. And this little basket from Stork and Bundle was purchased.


But given how much we liked sharks… there needed to be more!

They couldn’t exactly be Jaws-type sharks. So like Bob Ross, I decided to add a ‘happy little shark’ or two:



First up is this guy.

If you can use a colouring book, you can make something like this!

This  basically creates your own outline that you can fill in.

You may be more skilled than me, and have freehand skills. But if you’re like me, I thought others might appreciate seeing how I created the “please-colour-inside-the-lines” shark:


I bought a (slightly wobbly) Dollarama frame for him.

The rest was from supplies on hand:

  • small canvas (3-pack of 4×6 thin canvas board)
  • 2 tubes of acrylic paint – white and dark blue
  • hard HB pencil
  • paintbrush
  • water
  • printed-out shark silhouette

That’s it!

First, I found + printed my shark, from free clip art.

I centred the clip art printout on the canvas.

Then, applying a fair amount of pressure, I traced over his outline, eyes and gills with a hard pencil.

Until it “dented” an outline in the canvas through the paper.

When tracing, I made sure to add a little smile to his outline 🙂

Last, I removed the paper. And lightly traced pencil marks around the dented outline:


So now there was a dented shark outline in my canvas. The dent was deep enough to keep any water or paint inside the lines. Sort of like creating your own coloring book.

Then came the actual painting. I took a small flat brush and filled in the entire shark with water first.

Then I simply added teeny-tiny strokes of blue paint around the outline, blending them to cover the pencil strokes. The water wicks and pulls the colour across the canvas in interesting patterns.

I added a few extra strokes here and there, but the water did most of the work for me.


Then I touched up a few spots with white. The eyes, the gills, and any mistakes.

You can see by his tail and nose there were some smears. I simply painted over those with the white paint.

And we were done! Happy little shark #1


So this little guy is realistic enough.. but not too cuddly. 

For that, it was time to make a shark mobile. Sharkmobile?

If it was a spiral, it could have been a Sharknadomobile.

Ok, enough shark jokes.

They tend to tank.

Ok, really. I’m done.


Sharkmobile was a little more involved.

I’ve done a lot of sewing. Made lots of felt shapes for mobiles. Mostly simple shapes. Hearts. Raindrops. Birds.

This meant I had to step up my sewing skills… and make good use of my supplies.

I had felt, embroidery floss, fiber-fill, needles and thread. After picking up a little extra wool felt from Shabby Motley, I was set!

I made 2 kinds of sharks:

For the Hammerhead Shark Plushy, her pattern was awesome. I just printed it out fairly small. These sharks are friendly-looking and instantly recognizable. A great pattern!

The other sharks proved more difficult.

I sewed a few “sharks” that looked like other things. They were whales. Fish. Sad manatees.

I also found some overly aggressive sharks. They were tiny and soft and mean-looking

Not happy little sharks.

So I drew my own. (I started to write instructions, but they were terrible, so I edited those out of the picture. As long as everything gets sewn together eventually? Then it works.)


(These are the main parts – they also need teeny-tiny felt eyes and a little smiley mouth).

And then the sewing began! This took forever.

Hours and hours of sewing later, I can see why mobiles are so expensive on Etsy!

You can see one of the “whale” looking shark prototypes below: I might put him on the final mobile too.


IMG_0508 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0913

Now I have a fleet of tiny sharks… and they are ready to go on the mobile! When the nursery is finished, I’ll show the finished product here.

Happy little sharks? I think we have mission accomplished.

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