Ben’s room: Move-in

Ben’s about 4 1/2 months old, and his room is finally done!

It’s now a bright, calm and happy space.

And so much love went into it, from so many people. Everywhere you look, there’s a gift, a handcrafted object from a friend, or a family item:

IMG_0041 IMG_0019

Before I show any more pictures, remember how it started?

sault house - second bedroom before

After tons of work:

sault house - jarod plaster alth

After some students living in it:

IMG_0800 IMG_0803 IMG_0802

It needed a clean-out. It needed a few touch-ups. And a fresh floor treatment didn’t hurt:


Now when you come up the stairs, it looks like this:



There’s a spot to sit and nurse or tell stories. An adult can sit on the floor with Ben, or read in the chair while he plays:


Another little ottoman is near the right curtain panel. It’s still mostly empty – for future toys! This shark bin is put to use, however:


It stores just a few of his many blankets – all of them gifts. If he needs to warm up? If we need to snuggle? It’s easy to just grab a blanket from the bin:


The rocking chair is covered in beautiful textiles.


And most of them have meaning to us! The white blanket is from when I was a baby, I made the (very amateur) lap quilt out of scraps. And the toss cushions were ordered from Via Supply.


Above the rocking chair is a little hanging plant.



This came together with

  • a rope hook from Home Depot
  • a lantern from Dollarama, glass removed
  • The rope hook and lantern were painted in Krylon’s colour “Sea Glass.”

To hold the plant, we used part of a teacup set a former student gave us. (We have so many of these, it was great to put it to use!) The inner cup has a “tea straining” insert, which provides some drainage for the plant. With wood glue, the outer cup stays firmly attached to the lantern.

It’s attached with 4 screws + drywall anchors (each is rated for 85 pounds!) It should stay put.

Beside the rocking chair is the reading + play area:



Here we have book storage, toy storage, stuffed animal storage and blankets for tummy time.

The top of the shelf is also “side table” height. It is usually home to a cup of tea, a novel, and I keep a Bible upstairs too.

The bottom has a pull-out basket:


The wire basket is actually a  bottom drawer from a fridge! It came from Value Village and was also painted in Sea Glass by Krylon.


The frame was a gift. It sits on top of a rabbit pelt that was also a gift, and a handkerchief from my grandmother.


This basket holds another gift, the little shark lovey blanket. Plus extra swaddle blankets, changing pad covers and crib sheets. (You can tell it’s laundry day because it’s pretty empty!)


Originally, we had purchased a teak dresser for Ben’s room. It fit perfectly downstairs, however. So there it stayed.

teak dresser

Another dresser was left over from when we had student boarders. Its white-and-gold finish went with the rest of the room, and the size was even better.

It seems more to scale than the big teak dresser would have been:


Above the dresser is the gallery wall:



There are lots more beautiful gifts on this wall, like the canvas from an international student or the gorgeous photos Kevin took for us.

IMG_0053 IMG_0054


The cross-stitch is from a friend, and it reverses to say “Welcome Tiny Overlord.”

The little bird note card is by  Renée Anne


My brother had made some beautiful dovetailed maple boxes. These are mounted as shelves on the wall and used to hold cloth diaper supplies on the dresser



The Robert Munsch books are from Jarod’s father, and the Beatrix Potter books are from my childhood home. The little whale keychain was another gift.


The little trash can sits beside the dresser, with a child-size stool from one of our neighbours.

IMG_0035  IMG_0043

Another lamp on the dresser makes night-time diaper changes easy. Cloth diapers have been pretty straightforward to use for us, and the supplies are kept easily in these baskets from Winners:


The workflow for cloth diapers is pretty straightforward:

(1) Pick up Ben

(2) Pick up cloth diaper wipe

(3) Walk 2 steps to washroom, run wipe under hot water until it’s ready

(4) Walk back to room, set Ben on changing pad and change him

(For extra-messy diaper changes, there’s a spray bottle with a little extra water + lavender baby soap solution)

(5) Toss used diaper and wipe into laundry bag to the left of the dresser.

(6) Toss any soiled clothing in the laundry basket (in the closet).



I find cloth diapers can make my hands really dry – especially when folding them. So I added a Vaseline lotion pump to the diaper supply area.

Cloth diapers also need their own waterproof laundry bag. This one is set inside a Rubbermaid tote. Then it’s set inside another cloth basket:

IMG_0047 IMG_0048

On the back of the bedroom door, I added a clipboard. This can hold loose papers or Ben’s art projects (at least for a little while).


Another little shark was traced onto it + filled in with marker:


What about the crib? There will be a crib in this room soon. But for now, Ben is still sleeping in our room.

The crib is white, and the bedding is in the same mint/navy/white fabrics I made the quilt, change pad covers and scrap garlands out of.


Normally the crib is slid up against our bed. Here it’s been moved out for better pictures.

When he is a little older, the crib will go here in his room. (The length just barely fits). His white noise machine will also be moved onto the dresser or book-shelf at that point.


When he gets older, the height of these may have to change. Until he is standing, they will be ok:


Scraps of fabric make a great backdrop for “Ben” party bunting another friend made.


And his little shark mobile is mounted in preparation for the crib’s new location.

A few more scraps festoon the closet doorknob:


When planning the mobile, it was important that he could see the sharks from his perspective.

IMG_0060 IMG_0063

The room also has a fan scaled for its size:


There is a remote control for the fan, but it will mostly stay in its holder. (You can see the paint is still drying where it’s been touched up!)


So how does Ben like his happy little shark room?


Pretty well, I think!


It’s really easy to move out blankets for play time:


Or tummy time:


Although he seems a little less impressed with tummy time. We’re working on it.

After being in this house for 3+ years, it’s great to have a room done. 

Friends, family, our church and DIYs added a lot of love.

And in the end, it’s a great little space… for a great little guy. I’ll call that a success.


Bens room move in

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  1. Those smiles are awesome! The room came together so well – great job! Love the little sharky touches 🙂 My favourite part of the post is that you used the word “festoon” – hahaha!

  2. sue and brian says: Reply

    Perusing through all the pics is indicative of a lot of hard work,imagination,talent,creativity,dedication,resourcefulness and most of all the love of a parent,well done Jarod and Meredith it looks fabulous

  3. What a great post and that little tummy time lip quiver is so precious. This is great! Amazing to look at a room and say that it’s done 🙂

  4. Karl Zwirner says: Reply

    Very cool room. Looks like a lot of pleasant things to look at and keep an inquisitive little guys’ mind moving along. Well done!

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