Safely through childbearing… of all things.

Last time, I had a hard/damaging birth with Benjamin.

Then physio. Surgery. Time. Frustration. I was wondering how to prepare for this one.

There’s things we can do in our own wisdom.

Advocating for an epidural to happen quickly (there was no time last time).

Learning methods to consciously relax.

Ordering my environment so I’m not stressed.

Being properly hydrated.

Planning to do a lot less during recovery.


And yet there’s so much about things like birth that are out of our control.


We don’t know how timing will work.

Who will be on call.

What other cases will happen that day.

How one’s body will react.

What calls will be made by others.

Even how technology I rely on will work that day…


This time was different, though.

I thought about it more, for sure. I prayed. And as strange as it seems, I considered a lot more about a verse in the Bible in 1 Timothy 2:15. It talks about God preserving us/keeping us safely through childbirth (σωθήσεται from σζω in the Greek). This can be strange and archaic sounding… unlike that culture we’re not depending on the goddess Artemis to give us a good birth.

(Since I can’t leave anything alone without adding supporting sources, see Callimachus’ hymn to Artemis, the Orphic hymn to Prothyrea and read Acts 19 for a little more context on Artemis.)

And we have a lot under control with modern medicine and hygiene. Which I’m so grateful for.

But in a culture where we’re not under threat of tragedy or death from chidlbirth as much as the ancient world, we may be tempted to leave it all up to technology and our abilities.

Especially if you’ve got a personality like mine.

But this time…

living in that sort of dependence… 

considering the character of God that he even cares about that sort of thing (how amazing!)

and that even if things go differently than I planned, he will still guide and preserve and save.

That has been worthy to think about.

Up to and including the day Hudson was born.

Hudson’s birth was even quicker than Ben’s.

But things went well.

Way better than I expected.

In so many ways.


Thanks be to God.

For the work he’s done.

For caring about all parts of our lives.

To the midwives, doctor, hospital and staff.

I couldn’t have asked for better care from anyone.


I didn’t plan to listen to this song through the labour, but there was a glitch in other tracks I had ready for that day. The only glitch in fact, out of all the tracks I had planned to listen to.

So I had to find something as backup – and quickly!

And man, was that an unexpected blessing. This song got me through.

I found it on Youtube and put it on repeat. I’d heard it before, and probably hadn’t given it a lot of thought. But we had sang it at a conference a week before I had Hudson…  Having it fresh in my mind and the option to stream it… that is definitely one of the pieces of grace that got me through!

I’m thankful for those who use their gifts to sing and proclaim who God is and how he works in all situations. And thankful for God,  source of all that grace: yesterday, today and forever.





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