Road to the Ministry, Part 17: Picking up the mic – 1 Timothy Part 2

(Missed Part 1? Read it here first!) Thing 3. #EphesianChurchProblems So we know Ephesus has a lot going on. Artemis. Folk magic. Power and protection. A rapidly growing church. New believers. Timothy knew good women who raised him and current colleagues like Priscilla and her husband Aquila. (Someone actually messaged me yesterday… and is making […]

Road to the Ministry, Part 15: And mentoring is harder

Don’t be the loud singer My vocal range is still pretty limited. Like high school, I’ve lip-synced my way through a few worship services. That’s why I like loud music in church. I love to worship freely… without worrying about throwing others off-track. And I don’t want to be the “loud singer” in a quiet […]