Safely through childbearing… of all things.

Last time, I had a hard/damaging birth with Benjamin. Then physio. Surgery. Time. Frustration. I was wondering how to prepare for this one. There’s things we can do in our own wisdom. Advocating for an epidural to happen quickly (there was no time last time). Learning methods to consciously relax. Ordering my environment so I’m […]

“Just you wait…” The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 10 years of marriage

“Just you wait!” If you say those words, what tone do you take? Are they joyful and full of anticipation? “Wow! Oh man, just you wait! It’s gonna be fantastic!” Is it more doom-and-gloom? “Oh sure… it’s good now. But just you wait! It’s gonna get a lot worse.” Or perhaps from your childhood: “Meredith Kendra Amadis Goertz! […]